Friday, March 22, 2013

Deep breath

My wife and I had arranged to meet the fellow who does out tax submission each year.

I turn up and a few minutes later my wife arrived with the paperwork.

Wearing pants.  Deep breath because early in our marraige she had at my request worn skirts and dresses most of the time and it had become a point of issue.  Then of course has followed some years of emotional nothingness and perhaps passive agression on her part leading up to me deciding to be submissive to her.  But she had continued to wear skirts.  I knew the day would come and I had mentioned to her that as she was now in charge that she should feel free to wear whatever she wanted.  I had also confessed to her that it would be emotional for me to see her wearing them.  I had said that I would prefer her to put on pants and to whip me while she wore them.  To reinforce the issue and to put me in a submissive headspace. so that when she did wear them I would have already gotten over it. 

So today here she is in pants.  Deep breath.  I live with it.

Then while we are speaking to the accountant she says "I would like to buy a beach house".  No consulting with me.  I don't think we can afford that but I wasn't asked.  Another deep breath.  Try not to shrink back in my seat too noticably.

After the meeting she said "expect a text calling you home for a whipping"

She is going shopping and as she leaves the last shop before lunch she will text me and I am to meet her at home.  Deep breath.


  1. The next couple of questions may seem like I am judging, but I am curious about your thoughts..

    Are you willing to let your wife destroy your finances because you want to show her that you are submissive? And if so, is it good service to you and your wife?

    Will you always obey your wife? If not, at what point do you feel you would stop?

    Again, I am just curious about your thoughts. Obviously there are limits, like I read on "Not just b..chy, you wouldn't cut your arm off if she told you to, but where is the line..

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    Interesting questions you pose. Mind you I could not find the reference you referred to wrt to "Not just b..chy"

    Will I always obey my wife?
    Let me say that right now I am trying to obey my wife. Will I always obey - who knows.

    Am I willing to let my wife destroy our finances ?
    Well perhaps what she wants to do is better. I am fearful of debt. Perhaps my fear of debt has meant that our finances are not as good as they could be.

    What would the limit on obedience be?
    Well she is fundamentally a good person.
    So right now, my approach is to try to totally obey. I enjoy that head space. It is far better than the conflict that we used to engage in.

    Your comment is food for thought. It has stimulated me to consider that and maybe a posting on this topic may result.

    Thanks again for your posting.

  3. Thanks for the answers. Here is the link I was referring to.

    It is a good question. It is one thing to let your dominate wife make a decision that you consider wrong and abide by it, but it is another to have her make a life-changing decision that could impact your ability to retire, ruin your marriage, damage your relationship with your children. There has to be a point where a submissive male's responsibility to his family and marriage overrides the desire to obey his wife.

  4. Hi Thanks for the url. Looks like it ill make fascinating reading.

    Now there is a whole very interesting discussion to be had regarding the males responsibility. Perhaps his responsibility is simply to submit and obey.

    In the patriarchal Christian lifestyle where the man is the HOH, the wife is called to submit unless the husband tries to force her to do something that is in conflict with God's law. So in that arena, he should be quite within his rights to give away the family fortune and have the family life a very simple and basically poor life. This could be a real shock to the woman but in that context she would be expected to comply.

    So in a WLM perhaps it is the husbands role to follow the wife to the poor house.

    For discussion.