Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sometimes I have to take a deep breath

Mywife is busy busy busy and I feel neglected.

Tonight she says "would it be OK if she turns the kids old play house into a chook shed"

My first thought is 'here is another project that will use up her time'

I really had to concentrate on being submissive.  Accepting her decision.

We had a bit of a chat last night when she came to bed.  Close to midnight.  Less than 5 minutes.

She said thank you for not getting grumpy, tapping on th ewall and calling out to her.  I tell you I did get angry in bed but took another deep breath.

I think I really want to become submissive / passive /accepting.  I am not sure what the right word is to describe it.

I said I would liek to procatice being submisisvely accepting her decisions but she does not really like that word.  I would welcome suggestions on what wording to use with her.


  1. I am very grateful for your blog. It has been very helpful as I begin my adventure of loving service to my dear Wife. I would suggest you use phrases like, "I want you to be happy." , I will make that happen for you." and maybe, "You are an exquisite woman and deserve to be loved and supported!" and then joyfully serve her whether you get any attention or not.

    Please do not ask your lovely wife for anyrhing, except for occassional feedback on how you are doing in service to her. Even then, don't press. Give her peace and freedom to relax. She may end up feeling that being your Domme is too much work or will feel inadequate in the role.

    Love her, serve her and be patient. Don't worry about your kink or your feelings of neglect. Enjoy the opportunity to serve such an intelligent and lovely woman. Try that for two straight weeks and see what happens. :)

    1. Hi anonomous,
      Thank you for your genrous comment.

      Thank you for the idea to try something for two weeks. I know from other areas of my life that it takes time for something to become a habit and also the advantage of 2 weeks is that it is not too long. So I can remain focussed.


  2. I remember once taking a course on letter writing and one address that I always liked was a letter written by a public servant in Australia, New Zealand and Great Britten. They were supposed to end any letter to the public with the honorific: I remain Sir/Madam your devoted servant.

  3. Panty slave and obedient husband -
    Thank you for your comments.

    Pantyslave, I smile when I am in a cafe and the waitress calls me 'sir'.