Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seeing improvement

I feel that I am relaxing in a good way.

Last night my wife was out late.  A meeting at school and then a meeting for one of her other causes.  I enjoyed looking after the rest of the kids.  Taking them to and from sport, girl guides, scouts.  It was all on and I did plenty of trips in the car.  In between, I and the kids, had dinner that she had kindly preprepared, we ran the dishwasher and cleaned up.  Beds were made with clean sheets.  Kids into bed.  Glass of water beside her bed.  Her bed turned back.

She arrived hope just before 11pm.  Now even a couple of months ago, this would have really annoyed me.  I took a deep breath and said to myself 'stay calm' 'be cool'.  Then she decided to have some food as she had not had any dinner.  I went to bed.

She eventually came to bed.

We had a very brief discussion on the topic of sex and submission which of course pandered to my kinky needy self.  She confirmed that she felt that in this period of orgasm abstinence and concentrating on intimate contact (no groping, just gentle hugging) that we had become closer.

In this short discussion she did mention that at times she is rough for me.  So kind and this means that contrary to my general feeling, she does think about things.  At one stage she bit my on the breast again.  Gee that is painful.  But I find the best way to deal with it is to lie still with my hands by my side and just breathe.  Clenching teeh actually tenses me up and makes it worse.  Bizzare I love it and hate it at the same time.  Can't wait for her to do it again.  When it is over I just feel so relaxed and light.  Ahhhh.  :)

Then she did from my perspective the right thing.  She said to me "OK I am going to sleep. Lie still.  No movement and certainly no thrusting"  I lay there and smiled.  'be careful what I wish for came to mind'

In the morning, I got up early and went off to exercise and then to work.


In a way it is a case of practice makes perfect.  By practissing being submissive, I become more relaxed.  That is good for everyone.  It is good for me.  Good for my wife and good for the kids.

The other day was international women's day.
The media was reporting on all sorts of things that women do that are good.

One female member of Parliament apparently said "A woman's place is in the house.  The house of representatives"

Another report was discussing how the percentage of women on corporate boards of directors was low but apparently the companies with women on their boards statistically are more profitable.

One thing I think was missing was discussion about work and mothers.  Personally I think that mothering is a very valuable role.  And that this role is comoditised by child care.  I think that we should not be effectively forcing mothers to be in the work force.  rather we should be encouraging the mothers of young kids to take time out from full time work and to be able to put in lots of time and energy to mothering.  But this means that we need flexible work and companies that are supportive of mothers who need to take time off to say deal with a sick kid or attend a school sports day.  Likewise we need companies who are eager to reemploy mothers when they return to work, perhaps part time, when the kids get into school.


  1. So great to see that your Mistress is starting to take the lead in your submission. Especially the staying out for meetings without consulting you this shows FLR is starting to work. I just wonder how you will feel when she decides that her submissive husband is insufficient for her and stays out with a female or male lover to get some raunchy sex.

  2. You never know. She is very concervative but once, just once, we - being my wife and I and a small group of friends went out partying. My wife and one of the other wives were all over each other. Tongue kissing. I found it hot. real hot. The other lady's husband was not happy. I saw her a couple of days later and reassured her that I was fine with it and that I was more than happy if she was to do it again with my wife. To my knowledge nothing has happened.

    Another guy?- Does not do it for me. I suspect that she takes her marraige vows seriously so I doubt that she will but again you never know. As to how I would feel then. I suspect I would feel really bad.

    A girlfriend lover I would find hot. Another man I would find very hard to take.

    Mind you she gets a lot of satisfaction from non sexual things. Her involvement in church and community organsiations, part time work. She is busy busy busy and I think she gets energy from that. I deal with what I perceive as rejection by having a sulk and becomming passive and submissive. I sexualise it. (There I am having a sulk now)