Monday, March 4, 2013

feeling down today

I assume that others do not respond or like reading depressing postings.  I doubt if I would.

anyway one pupose of this blog is for me to record where I am at and so it gets the good and the bad.

And the bad is today I am feeling down.

I am almost 3 weeks into my abstinance for lent.  (40 days.  A month an a half, 6 weeks.  however you look at it).  Maybe that is the reason.  Some kind of purely physical / chemical / hormonal thing.  On the other hand I should view three weeks of abstinance as an achievement.

In my moody depressed state I get a bit introspective.  I wish that my wife was more on board with this.  Both more understanding and also more encouraging and also more demanding.  I read somewhere of a catholic husband and wife engaging in NFP (Natural Family Planning) and the wife posted on a support forum that she demanded that he not thrust or spoon and that it had taken him 3 years to learn to control himself.  Wow that is intense.  I imagine my wife forcing me to lie still.  I lie in bed and rub up beside her and rub against the mattress.  Imagine being told to stop and lie still.  Forever!.


  1. It's OK to have and write about the non perfect days. We don't live in a movie, life so often does not match our fantasies. We all tend to touch on the high points and exciting stuff when we blog, but there are plenty of times where the stars don't line up and real life dealing with real people messes with our hopes and desires.


  2. I agree with TB, we read your blog, good, bad and ugly. Keep it real.