Monday, March 11, 2013

Tied Down

Sunday night was not looking good.  After church she had gone off with some of her girlfriends.  I had babysat our kids and varous other kids from her girlfriends.  She had given me instructions on when to put what in the oven for dinner.  She arrived home just in time for us to eat.  After tea she got busy organising various things on her computer.  I put one of our kids to bed but the daughter wanted mummy and so my wife dragged herself away from her organising to do that.  So from the tone of this you will understand I feel somewhat resentful or jelous that her time is focussed elsewhere.  I end up surfing the net and watching a movie.

At one stage she come out to seek my advice.  I pause the movie and pay her attention.  The cat chases a grass hopper in.  The poor grass hopper is a toy.  The cat lets it hop a few feet and then punces and onec subdued, the cat lets it go only to punce again as it attempts to escape. 

I say to my wife "Would you like me to get rid of it".  "Yes" she says.  I pick it up and I am walking toward the back door .  I am going to toss it out the back door and my wife says "Toss it out the front window.  I obediently turn walk over, open the front window and toss it out.

Movie finishes and I go round closing up the house.  Lights off.  Glass of water beside her bed. Turn back her side of the bed.  Hop into bed.  Determined not to get angry that she has been away all day and then has not engaged in any romantic or even personal interaction in the evening.  Tooo F'kin busy!.

Finally she comes into the bedroom.
She takes off her dress.
She is naked. Hops into bed.
We snuggle up.
She says "Are you waiting for me to pinch your breast"
I say "Not specifically.  You can do whatever takes your fancy.  Anything and everything is all good would you like a massage" I offer.  Thinking as a good boy that is something I should do and would enjoy doing.
She said "How would it be if I tied you face down to the bed and then hopped on and rubbed myself against you and you were not allowed to move"
what tha
This sounds fantastic.  She is taking a lead here.

We get the ropes out and tie them to the legs of the bed.  Its an ensemble so there are no posts at the corners so it is not easy to tie someone too tightly but we did our best.  So I end up spread eagle face down.  Just in my boxers.  She hops on top and starts to hump the back of one of my theighs.  pressing herself against my upper theigh and bottom.  I am turned on too.  I start to move a little.  Partly because I am aroused and partly to see what she would do.  She stops, slaps me hard on the side of the leg and says "Stop your distracting me"

I lay still and she humped and soon she came.
Then she lay beside me.
She said "How long could you stand being tied up"
wow I am thinking.
I answer "I would stay tied up as long as you would like.  All night if you wanted"
I don't know if I would be comfortable she said as your arms and legs are taking up all the bed.  I suggested getting her pillow and putting it on my arm and resting her head there.
She did that and I felt her drifting off to sleep.

Now I have fanticised about being kidnapped and tied up at various times in my life but apart from some bedroom play with my wife that is as far asit has gone.

At one stage she asked if I was comfortable.   I said that comfort is not a part of this fetish of mine.  There is this strange juxtaposition if thats the word.  A drive to experience something.  When it is happening I can't wait for it to be over.  But before and after I think about it contstantly.  When it is happening uncomfortable is part of it.  Like wearing the plastic pants for an extended perios of time.  They hurt where the elastic gathers round the leg.  They are hot and sweaty.  Slippery and stimulating but I am not allowed to cum.  But that is what I crave.

So she said.  "OK" and drifted off to sleep again.

Now I have seen movies with people tied up.  Usually the beautiful woman waiting to be rescued and I often wish I was in that position.

Now I am and it probably took about half an hour to go from mildly uncomfortable to a bit painful.  There were too painful areas.  My neck.  You know when you lie face down on a massage table they have that hole for you to breathe through.  Well tied down to our bed and there is no such hole.  So my head is turned to one side.  Evey now and then I arch up and roll my head around and try to face the other way.  It would actually be easier I think if my body was raised up on a pillow or something.

Then the other surrisingly painful thing was my elbows.  Both of them.  They were pulled straight and they became painful.

Finally she woke and decided to untie me.  I was grateful.  But of course now I want to do it all again.  I want to experience the pain.  To live through it. 

Having just experienced the pain of lieing on my front, I am thinking that the ideal would be to be tied down on my back. Then have her stimulate me and then push herself on top and pleasure herself while not letting me cum or maybe she instructs me to cum. 

But at the same time what victim gets to choose their position.  There is still that weird kinky desire to be tied up whatever way she wants or does and to live with the cuncmfortableness.  To live with watever pain develops.  I should tell her next time she ties me face down she could use the opportunity to whip me a few times. 

So what started out as an evening where I was feeling neglect turned into a suprisingly fun evening.

Twice recently she has mentioned the fellow who was not allowed to thrust or spoon.  That it had taken concerted effort by his wife for him to learn that self control.  Be careful what you wish for comes to mind. 

I am 4 weeks into 6 weeks of abstinance for lent.  Although a partial pressure release mentioned yesterday.

Tied up memories and dreams

As a kid I can remember having the same dream many times where I was kidnapped and put in a cage that I was just able to turn around it but basicsally had to curl up in.  There were other kids in other cages and were loaded onto the back of a truck.

One day at primary school, me and some other kids tied up a kid and left them tied up in the playground and went into class.  Sometime later the teacher came out and untied him.  I do not recall any of us getting into trouble and I think we all saw it as a bit of harmless fun.

There are probably some others that will surface as I think about it.


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