Friday, November 12, 2010

Communication last night

She offered me a quickie last night.

I declined.

Had a brief but pleasant conversation where I said that I would like her really to take the lead in the bed room. I said I felt that I enjoyed getting her to cum but that too many quickies just make me feel weak especially if she is giving them to me so I get "relief" so I don't get grumpy.

I said I would like to use my sexual energy to do things for her.

So we did not have sex. I am a bit aroused writing this but at the same time, wishing she understood more. Maybe that is what I am looking for - Understanding.


  1. Thank you for writing your blog. We have communication issues too, and things just sound so familiar. Like you, I'm trying to liven things up with Femdom... small, slow successes...but maybe there is hope. Thanks again!

  2. yes, the understanding in her is sometimes slow in coming.

    If I may, one thing I find helpful to keep in mind, the waiting for her to get to a dominent place I am hoping for is a never ending wait. However, there are many things I can look at and be thankful for. In your case, her agreeing to deny you last night is one.

  3. You are right subservient-husband. She also is very much aware of my fetishes and although she can not understand them she does occasionally indulge me. It is however motivated out her wishing to do something for me rather than doing something for herself.