Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The secretary

I surupticously watched a movie called the secretary last night.

I had seen it discussed around the place and though it would be interesting to see. Now there is some risk here in that it is male domiant female submissive and of course I am the other way round. But anyway my observations were

I have some of her (the submissivies) traits.

When she gets stressed, she self harms. Well I don't do that but I do go check to my blog to see in anyone has commented. Or go look at a video on line of someone being whipped or such.

There is a scene where the secretary is on the phone to a telemarketer and cant say no and listens to the banter and tries to be polite. Well that is sort of me.

There is another scene where she says that she wants to be the best secretary that she can be and that is certainly me. When I put my mind to doing something, then I try to do it the very best that it can be done.

Now one of the reasons I watched the video was that I want to find something gentle to do with D&s to show my wife. This is though not it though. Starting showing the sub with some kind of rod holding her arms outstretched was silly. At the end of the movie maybe but not suitable for showing my concervative middle of the road wife. She would probably think I wanted to do that to her.

I also thought the guy was a dweeb. There was a time in the movie when it all looked good. He spanked her to make her focus- OK. He instructed her not to self harm and she didn't - OK but then he just seemed to ignore her. She was desparate for him and he was not there for her.

I can understand him loosing his nerve but it seemed to me he was just a dweeb.

So I am looking for a movie to show my wife.

The only one that she has seen that was a little out of left field was "Eyes Wide Shut" with Nicole Kidman in it. There was a scene with two girls kissing and I think a few people tied up. My wife did get truned on by the two girls kissing. So as you can see she is pretty middle of the road.

So any suggestions of movies is greatly appreciated.


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  2. Eyes Wide Shut was kinda like D/s, but more around what a German mask party was like in the late 19th cent. Another Movie was About Schmidt. The husband is "Henpecked" but there are aspects of D/s. The Disney movie "Up", the Disney movie "Tangled", the Dreamworks movie "Alpha Omega" are all kid movies with F/m undertones.

    If she likes to read, there are many. Anne Rice under a different name did a D/s Cinderella where Cinderella was a submissive, but also there is a submissive Prince Tristian. The whole story is based in a land where D/s is common place. For that matter, any novel set in the middle ages Europe will be about the same. I like Ken Follett's two books “Pillars of the Earth” and “World Without End”. In that time period, D/s was societal norm.

  3. Hi subservient-husband,

    Thanks for your comments

    Are “Pillars of the Earth” and “World Without End”. male or female submissive?

  4. no, just middle ages D/s sort of stuff. There is some F/m, but mostly M/f. I like the complete absence of egalitarian relationships. That concept did not exist back then. Everyone was subject to someone else.

  5. The Ten Commandments....yes I know it's a 9 hour movie.....has a great scene where the queen tells Charlton Heston "why aren't you kneeling at the feet of your queen, slave? She says this while she is holding out her bare feet in front of him. Gets me every time!

  6. I watched this film together with my Wife, who as I wrote before isn't into D/s. She watched it and found it interesting. I consider it a good sign that She didn't switch it off.

  7. Hi appy,

    Thanks for your comment. Your blog looks interesting too but it does not allow for anonymous posting and at present for family privacy reasons, I can only do anonymous posts.