Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday AM

Well Saturday morning was a treat.

She had told me to let her sleep in till 7am. I had been wide awake and turned on and to so avoid tossing and turning I had gotten up. See yesterdays post. Anyway at about 7:30 she got up and went to the toilet. I watched her walk in her new PJs. Very sexy. She got back into bed and played with my penis but did not say anything. I so like it when she plays with it andway then she said those words. "take your pants off and lie on your back". Mate if I was not hard before, I was rock hard now.

She took off her PJ pants and climbed on top. She pushed and rocked herself down on to me. All the time I am concentrating on not just cumming quickly. She gets on and starts moving and I am still focussed on not cumming. She moves and moves and then I feel her move faster and climax. She then relaxes a bit and I hug her and thank her and say she can relax and lie on me and put all her weight on me. Which she does. After a few minutes she starts to tease me by tightening and relaxing muscles in her vagina. Oh such a tease. I am still rock hard. I so want sex.

Eventually she says roll me over, lets deal with you. I am torn between two feelings. I so desperately want sex but also I dream of her saying. OK that was good. Pull out and that is where we are leaving you for today or words to that effect.

I think what I would need to hear were words that said that she knew the desparation that I was feeling and that she was teasing me by not letting me cum.

Just being ignored and not having that connection would just make me sad and angry.

Anyway, I did as instructed and started to move and I asked "can I cum now" and she said "yes" so I did and it was gig and great and I felt good.

Then I lay back ad relaxed.

We were both happy.

I did notice as the day went on that I was less focussed. It was harder to actually motivate myself to do washing up and so on. I will have to work through that. Like last night I was tired. We had some friends over and I had a few glasses of wine and that made me sleepy. I did most of the washing up but did not finish it. There were a few items I left soaking in the sink plus a lot of clean stuff that did not get put away.

We live and learn and grow.

Mind you one of the fun bits in the evening was that while we were cooking dinner. I was stirring a saucepan of sauce and the other families wife was sitting chatting to my wife and my wife was doing the majority of the cooking. It was commented that I was such a good husband stirring the pot. My wife then said "Oh he's good for lots of things. My pantry door now closes properly and she proceeded to demonstrate it to her friend." Then the two girls giggled and said that's gotta be worth a quickie. My wife came over and snuggled up to me and said we will see what reward we can organise.

It was so much fun thinking about my actions being overtly rewarded by sex.

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  1. Mr. SMH,

    Door frames are a seasonal cleaning thing according to Martha Stewart. Good job knocking it out. It reminds me I need to too.

    Wonderful job with the PJs. Her floundering with new liberties is only natural when she is use to things a certain way for so long. Changing takes time. Her understanding you feel pleasure in a servile role will make it easier for her to make the change as she is more comfortable enjoying things at your expense and directing you. Enjoy!