Friday, November 12, 2010

Wife is away this weekend

My wife is going away this weekend to visit her parents.

She is taking some of the children and I am looking after others.

I am going to try to focus my mind on three things.
Doing things with the kids
Doing home cleaning
Doing home maintenance

I distinguish between cleaning and maintenance because cleaning would have once been considered 'women's work' and maintenance would have been considered 'man's' work. I know she likes me to be a man and I do not see being submissive to somehow mean abdicating from being a man. I also know she likes me to do the maintenance and I am slack at it and some times she gets plumbers and gardners and what have you in. So I am going to make a list and just work my way through it. The other commitment to my self is not to turn the TV on at all and I am telling the kids who are staying with me that the TV is to stay off and if they want to watch TV to go to the grandparents place. That way we will have less grumpy behaviour on their part and I wont waste time being sucked in by some mindless rubbish and so I can focus on getting things donw.

The end reward is much better.
Watch TV - Enjoy it while its on. -> feel like wasted time after.
Chores - Actually now I enjoy doing them while I am doing them (New head space) -> Feel good after.

Mow lawn, Trim edges, trim a few trees.
Clean garage and storage area.
Tidy up outside toys.
Take rubbish to the dump.
Fix light above hot plates.
Fix bathroom door handle
Clean bath room and kitchen and verandah
Sort out linen cupboard.

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  1. Congrats on the work list... mine is going away too... will have to do similarly! :)