Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night

Well its Friday night.
The wife is out.
I have kids to look after and a kitchen to clean.
So domestic.
Being a typical guy - driven with a one track mind, my personal challenge is to see how clean I can make the kitchen.


  1. look at you. home cleaning and watching the kids while your wife is out on the town enjoying herself. The best part is when she comes home, going over and kissing her with a bright smile, like a good submissive husband.

  2. Only a true submissve man can understand why we like to stay home to clean house while our wives are out having a good time.

    When I hear Kathy's car in the drive way, I know to assume the position with my toes, knees, and elbows on the floor. It is what Mistress calls 'Command Position". In that position I am not allowed to speak unless spoken to. I stay in that posiiton until Mistress gives me the command to rise. It is also the same position I am trained to assume when Mistress snaps her fingers at me. I lot of men would never understand the why of it, but I love greeting Mistress in that postion. It makes me feel so suberviant.

    Before allowing me to rise Mistress will usually ask a question or two. If i had chores to do, she will ask me it they were completed. Somtimes she will just ask something like 'was i good boy while she was gone. She then extends her foot out for me to kiss, and gives me the signal to rise.

    After she give me the signal to rise, I am allowed to talk freely. At that point we look much like any other married couple except that I call her ma'am or mistress instead of Kathy.

    Like you I love to keep the kitchen clean. Kathy likes a clean house, and it is a pleasure for me to keep it that way for her. She knows that I need the constant feeling of control that comes with being in a FLM.

    slave john

  3. Good Job, keep that kitchen clean.
    Don't forget to clean the toaster crumbs.
    Have a great Friday.
    Thanks for you post.

  4. Slave John,
    I envy your relationship. She gives you attention. You need that and I crave it. At present, it is like we are leading two separate lives. Every now and then she gives me attention and I love it. I am hopeful that by me doing things for her, that she will firstly have more time to do the things she enjoys and also recogise my efforts with attention.

  5. Hi countrylefty,

    I had a look at your blog

    I see me in you.

    I worry that I will become disenchanted if she does not respond.

    I see some similar characteristics. I want to serve her and I want it to be a little bit kinky too. I want her to tease me and torture me and demand of me.

    I could not put a comment on your blog because you have anonymous comments disabled. The problem of logging in is that it will reveal my real identity and I am not sure if she would appreciate it if she started to receive emails from people in this life style. So for now, I need to just stay anonymous.

  6. I hope that your wife enjoyed what we in America call a"Girls night out". I hope that shes impressed by your cleaning.If she is she might casually mention to her girlfriends about how you clean while she goes out.Many women like to brag about that.And if the other women tell her how lucky she is, this will probably encourage her to be more dominant with you.

    In my experiences,when women get together they tend to encourage each other to stand up to men and to have fun and pleasure at men's expense.

    Who knows. If she brings her female friends home one night after her night out, then you could serve them drinks and food and wait on them hand and foot[without smothering them or being overly dramatic about it] and be subservient to all of them[but definitly do it in a subtle and casual way]

    I enjoy your blog and look forward to reading more posts by you

  7. Bob, girls night out is a great thing. The good part of our relatinship is that Kathy loves the freedom to come and go as much as I love the feeling of her having take control over me.

    My Saturday cleaning is done. Mistress shold be home in a little while. She is palying tennis.
    This evening she is going to dinner with a few friends. Since they will be drinking, Mistress will have me drive her to the quarter.

    This evening we will be doing something little different. This time the women are allowing several of us guys to hook up while they are having dinner. It will be fun to see how that turns out.

    slave john