Sunday, November 14, 2010

plastic treat

My wife is away this weekend. She left Saturday morning and took two of our kids to her parents place. I thought I was to be looking after two of our kids but some of the guys from our church were having a boys night and she said I should go to that on Saturday night so both of the kids that were to stay at home ended up sleeping over at various friends houses.

Anyway I get home round midnight and when I lift the pillow on the bed to retrieve my pyjamas (Boxer shorts and a Tee shirt) I find that over the bottom sheet she has made the bed with a plastic mattress protector. Now I had bought this a while back probably four or more years ago and tried to convince her to have it on the bed under our sheet. Even though she actually has the same type of plastic mattress protectors on all the kids beds including our 14yo's she refused to have it on our bed. Citing that we were adults and that it was too hot and noisy and so even though we have fitted it a couple of times it has only been for example to have sex on. An indulgence for me.

As I have said before in this bog, she will do things for me. Indulge me. From time to time. And this it seems is what she is doing now.

I had been mentioning that I would like to spice up our sex life. Actually I was suggesting each time that I be submissive to her and that this could be fun. We could try her taking the lead in the bed room to see how she liked it as a way of introducing the topic. I had not even mentioned plastic in over a year I guess. Having long since given up mentioning it because she did not like it and even though she would indulge me, she clearly did not enjoy it and so it would just kill the mood so much.

So anyway here she has indulged me again.
Under the pillow were no pyjamas but there was a hand written note. "Sleep nude. No relief. Leave it on all night. Take it off in the morning."
I am so happy. I am so turned on.
She has taken in what I have been saying about masturbation and that men do not need it.
I guess she is away so will escape any grumpyness that I may emanate. She says that when I don't get it, that I get grumpy.

Anyway it did not make for a good nights sleep. I am nude. It is Hot and sticks to me and if I lay on my tummy, too much temptation to thrust. It crinkles and is noisy when I move and sticks to me. So now I have given up and although having arrived home at midnight, I have gotten up early to write this, have a shower and then do some inside cleaning and tidying. I will probably have a rest after church.

Thank you dearest. I love you. (One day I hope you will read this)

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  1. Love the thought... and that crinkly sound! :)