Monday, November 8, 2010

Other Blogs

It is fascinating to read other peoples blogs.

It is also interesting to note just how many men seem to be similar to me. The craving for intimacy and attention from their wife. A willingness to do anything for their wife and yet at the same time a feeling of unwantedness and aloneness.

There are some who seem to have really gotten it together. Where the wife is willing and able to be involved. To me the benefits are obvious but I guess women are very very complicated beings. I would love to hear from women here too. Of any persuasion dominant , submissive, middle of the road. However they describe themselves.

There seems to be a trend where there is initial enthusiasm and eventually people drift to a position of boring self absorbed middle ground. It seems to me that for some reason, the girls get tired of being dominant. ?????

I would also love to one day meet a woman in real life who is either overtly dominant or submissive and especially if they are both Christian and into BDSM. I would love to sit down with them and my wife over a meal and have her talk about her experiences and thoughts.

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  1. There is something called a "Munch". Every city has them....