Monday, November 22, 2010

An interesting development

An interesting development has happened.

OK last night I fell a sleep and my wife did the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

Tonight I had the kids doing washing up and stepped out of the room and of course they quietly vanished but when I come back, my wife is in there doing the washing up. I had to take one of the kids to a club meeting. I said to my wife that I would complete the washing up on my return but she completed it. Hmm. Interesting. Especially since before I tried to submit to her, kit was already my job and she would never do it. If I did not do it, the dirty dishes would pile up and up and up.

Anyway we will see where that leads.

So I had a look at the list she had on the fridge of jobs that need doing and I chose to fix the bathroom door lock which had somehow jammed. I particularly wanted to choose something from the list to give a feeling of doing as I am told in a round about sort of way. Or at least responding to her. There is a light fitting that needs repair but I, being the cautious person that I am always turn the power off before doing electrical work and so only do it during daylight hours. Likewise plumbing problems need to be started at dawn.

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  1. Ah, I see. Maybe she is feeling a little conflicted at considering actually taking you up on your offer to be submissive to her and she is working through her guilt by doing things to help out. Maybe a good sign. If she is considering it, she may choose to go through with it too.