Monday, November 22, 2010

So easy to get slack

Spent the day with one of my kids. Went to "Sea World" which is a fun park at the Gold Coast.

Now the day had started exceptionally well with sex as a thank you for fixing the pantry door. Then as previously arranged I took the 11 yo for father and son day.

Great day including stopping at the beach on for a swim in the natural environment before the park opened. Got home to a nice dinner of reheated left overs. But then being the slack dog that I am I fell asleep on the couch. A combination I am sure of physical exertion in the sun, red wine and of course sex twice in two days. By the time I awoke, the kids were a sleep and the wife had washed up and cleaned the kitchen. Oops.

She had mentioned at dinner that the computer printer was not working so I raised my self from my slumber and figured I should at least attend to that. Turned out the network cable had fallen out of the router in the other room. So at least I was able to go to bed feeling like I had at least made some sort of effort. I think maybe I should become a tea toatler as a couple of glasses of red is guaranteed to send me to sleep.

She is wearing her new PJ's again. We snuggle up. I do not ask for sex. She does not offer but she does stroke my penis which of course gets hard. I offer a massage which she declines (pity). And then we both drift off to sleep.


  1. Several of your comments make me think that you and your wife would enjoy a period of male chastity. Check out to read what normal people who live a male chastity lifestyle have to say about the benefits of it.

  2. I think she has this idea that I "need relief" and as I have written elsewhere and tried to tell her, that the idea of "relief" just makes me feel weak.

    I guess what I am trying to do is use that sexual energy I have in a positive way. In a way that leads to a closer relationship. By using it to make me focus on her then we both benefit. She will give me sex whenever I want it. That just devalues sex. Just like when governments give away money, it devalueds money.

    So to me the value in chastity is forstly me focussing on her. It also I believe could bring us closer together. What I crave is her asking me how I am going. To tease me. I think that when she feels more comfortable with all of this that she may get to enjoy sex.

    Anyway, I will have a read of to see what they are like. And in particular if there is anyway that I can get her to read it.

  3. I think it was the sun, sex, and wine too. Bodies react that way. No need to get down on yourself, and you did fix the printer.


  4. Hey Submanhub,
    We have played with male chastity periodically. Some of the times we've had with me locked up have been the most intensely erotic experiences for us. I have a thing for being restrained, and I think of it as another way she can restrain and control me. I don't particularly like to wear it at work or any other times that we are not being sexual. When I am pleasuring her and have no chance at pleasure myself, I am so focused on her. The sessions can last hours. Lots of massaging and lots of caressing. It is hard to describe how submissive it makes me feel, but I am not that frustrated, I revel and am energized in "worshipping" her. I think I like it more than she does, and she basically decided that she prefers to feel my erection (and frustration) against her when she falls asleep. She HATES the feel of the chastity cage against her. She has told me that I can wear it when we are apart and she wants to ensure that I don't masturbate.

    I strongly recommend that you discuss it with her and make sure she's "on board" with it... that's not what I did (I just ordered it on my own) - big mistake!

    I have looked at the chastityforums website and it is a very active board, and the people are pretty nice and open.