Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I had another argument with the wife last night.
She used to say that she would give me sex "releif" because if I went too long with out sex that I got grumpy.
Seems to me that I get grumpy just a day or two after having sex.

It would seem to me that we would both be better off if I had a period of chastity but with me stimulating her.

The benefits to me - I don't get grumpy, angry etc.
The benefits to her - She gets attention. She does not have a grumpy husband around. She of course should get to orgasm.

A somewhat bizzare coincidence - I came across this graph.

I guess the readers who read this have to put up with my grumpyness as I would rather vent honestly here than at my wife. In fact it seems that we men get conflicting messages. We get told we don't share our feelings and yet if we do share our feelings, it pushes the women away.


  1. I am a husband in chastity. You can get grumpy that way too - believe me! But I still wouldn't go back to the old way.

    I am also a man who is finding himself more and more drawn to the WLM - much to my surprise.

    I'll be checking back often.


  2. Hi Michael,

    I would love to hear more.

    When I am in chastity or abstaining, the one thing I crave from her is recognition. She will touch and rub my penis and that is a great tease but what I really love is when she asks how I am going. To me that indicates a connection that is more than just the raw physical.

    Hi Subservienthusband,
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. You have great life experience and I value your words and I enjoy reading your blog too.