Thursday, November 25, 2010

Maybe she is warming up

I think maybe we creep forward slowly. Obviously too slowly for my liking but none the less it is encouraging. And fun at times.

Last night somehow we started to have sex. She did not seem interested in leading. At one stage she said whatever I wanted. I think I had said "Would she like to be on top". I have to confess once again that I let go with a bit of a list of what I wanted-
I want you to lead
I want you to put in some effort (ooh yes a bit nasty)
I want you to get turned on
I want you to have fun
I want to have fun
I want you to be a bit selfish and not feel you just have to do everything for me (careful here me thinks - I may end up with no sex at at all and no connection or anything)
I want you to tease me
I want you to talk to me
I want you to tie me to the bed an whip me really really hard.
I want to put plastic and oil on the bed and roll around and have fun.
So lets not be too focussed on what I want because most of the time what I want does not let you get turned on."

So then we rolled over with her on top and she started to move.

At one stage I said "Can I touch your breasts"
She said "No" oooooh ahhh that excited me. She had said what I know she wanted. and what I wanted to hear. You know then I so wanted to touch her breasts more than almost anything else.

I then said "Can I touch your bottom"
She said "yes"
So I did and I was gentle and I know she likes that.

She continued to move and got faster and came and then she said "thats all. good night. None for you and don't wake me in the middle of the night"

I said "thankyou dear. I am so turned on"

This morning I wrote her a thankyou note.

You know its scary this giving up power.
There are things I have forced her to do that I will mis. I am sure that once she feels empowered there will be no going back.

I should write the things down I guess to get them off my chest so to speak. And to make sure I never force her to do anything again.

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