Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I think its time to calm down.
Step back

It seems not unusual for there to be a period of iniial enthusiasm followed by a period of ..... nothingness.

Here are some sweeping generalisations
There are a lot of guys out there who look for some intimacy and connection with their wives.
The wives seem busy busy busy doing everything except engaging with their husbands.
There are many husbands who would do anything to support their wives. They cook & clean and do all the mundane tasks associated with keeping a home. But that does not seem to cut it with the wives.

OK so as far as me and my wife are concerned.
She seems to have no libido. Well almost none.
She is not into any sort of kinky sexual stuff at all. It seems to me that if she suspects its kinky then she turns off.
She does not want to lead in the bed room.
She does not want to be lead in the bed room.
Or anywhere else for that matter.

Feel my frustration.

I think I will try to chill out for a bit and see what opportunities open up.


  1. ...once you have opened up, your weeble may wobble, but it is still going to be submissive.....

    tick-tock.... you-ll see.

  2. Hi there subservient-husband

    Thanks for the comment.

    I agree, deep down, actually not that far down, I am submissive I believe. I enjoy being submissive.

    Just feeling frustrated that she does not want to lead etc.

  3. If I may, I felt the same way and the answer for me was to see the frustration I felt as a purposeful mental anguish she was applying. If you really look at her motives, your frustration is coming from a purposeful decision of hers.

    When I saw it that way, my masochistic side was able to glean enjoyment from it. If my wife choose to impose a Ken & Barbie sexless existence on me, it would be tormented hell, but that is really what I sighed up for anyway as a submissive and would find a way to learn to enjoy things how she wanted. It didn't turn out that way. Over time she is continuing to develop her dominant side.

  4. Hi subservient-husband,

    I think I agree with you.

    I just need to chill out for a day or two and stop trying too hard. I think someone used the phrase topping from the bottom.

    Does that make sense.

  5. TFtB is a common expression. It means the submissive tries to get what they want by forcing it to happen.....

    I try to get over it by enjoying feeling her mold things how she wants, however that may be. If it makes me distressed, well that is kinda the point anyway and I learn to enjoy the distress.