Friday, November 26, 2010

Its Friday night

This week at work has been very stressful. Deadlines, plans, meetings, reports. Pressure pressure pressure. I got home later than I would have liked tonight. My wife had kindly cooked dinner but now she has left for church. Choir & leading the youth group. So here I am at home and what I would really like to do is pull up a chair, put my feet up, open a cold beer and go to sleep on the verandah. But what I would like even more is to get out of my current head space and into the submissive head space. So I figured I would spend a few minutes writing about it and what I plan to do and that would help the transition.

I guess to start with, if I were lucky enough to be living an an active WLM, then not doing something just because I was tired would normally not be an option. Maybe occasionally she would give me a treat and let me go to bed early but equally I would hope that I would be expected to respond and serve any time irrespective of how tired I felt. So I want to actually get up and achieve something domestic this evening.

I am going to start with the kitchen. It's a mess again. Then there are various kids here that I am baby sitting so I think extra beds need to be made and stories read to them. Then I think we will do a tidy up of the lounge room. Now I have to admit that I am choosing things that she will see when she gets home from youth group.

OK so off I go.

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