Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Subservient husband
has a posting on chastity. He mentioned masturbation in it too.

I have posted in my blog below someplace that I think masturbation is wrong. (Just my opinion)
Several people have posted about how their head space changes with time during periods of abstinance after release..
So abstinance, and chastity are interesting in the effect they have on emotional welbeing.

My plan is to write here on this post how I feel each day. The most recent entry is at the bottom - scroll down.

So I had release on Sunday morning. It was great and I felt really light and relaxed most of sunday but on sunday afternoon I got anoyed and angry although I did supress expressing it to my wife but generally felt OK.

My plan is to write here on this post how I feel each day.

I feel OK.
I am thinking of her. I am not feeling desparate nor angry. Normal.

I feel OK. Normal.

Still feel OK.
I remember on previous occasions when I abstained that at some stage I began to experience a feeling of "would I be able to actually do it when the time comes or will I have lost the capability?" But not yet as it is less than a week.
In fact right now I feel quite free. And in bed last night, I did not try to initiate sex nor ask for it nor even in my mind feel desparate for it. Perhaps it was because I got to massage her. Although this morning, when I lay in bed, she stroked my penis as she knows I like it and she does that and it makes me feel good. As a tease. No guarantee that it will result in release. But far better than any ignoring or emotional denial. Anyway, I asked her to dig her fingernails in. That was intense and new for both of us. So perhaps I am getting fulfilment through pain????

OK although I woke up in the night with a hard on and some sort of sexual dream that I now don't remember.

FRI 10-JUN-2011
Got a cold and so does my wife so no chance of sex today.

Still have a cold and so does the wife. She also is very busy with some work that she has brought home.
She offerred sex late sat night. I think a bit of a feeling of obligation on her part but I said "Thanks but do you really want it" and she said "no". I said "I promise not to get grumpy. I will try to sleep off my cold and you can work or sleep as you so desire". So she worked and then came to bed. We hugged but I did not try to pressure her for sex.

Woo hoo. Great sex written about it in its own posting.


  1. Well that's cool. My advice is to just keep in mind that a person's postings on their blogs is just their opinion. You have your own opinion and your experience. Go with it and have fun!


  2. Oh absolutely. I do not condem subservient husband at all. I find his blog inspirational. That was why I referenced it. It was not meant to be negative at all.

    I am old enough and I hope open minded enough to let each to their own and wish them well even if I disagree.