Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sex woh

Ok so Friday night she gets home from her evening out. The kids are in bed. The washing up is done. I have played with my computer. Has time out and watched TV and gotten tired and so gotten into bed. On the sex side, My balls ache as it has been a week since release. Emotionally I really want sex but I do not want to force myself on her. So a bit up and down emotionally.

She arrived home and does the usual things that ordinarilly would have made me feel ignored like checking her email. She gets the PJs from under her pillow and disapears off the the bath room and does something in the kitched and bla bla. I am saying to myself. Stay calm. Do not get anoyed. It is your jub to support her not demand of her. So I relax and chill out.

She eventually arrives at the bedroom door wearing her new long PJ pants and her black bra. Now I am awake and ready. She stand at the bed side facing me and very much has my attention. Then she reaches down and ties the pj pants chord and as she does so she says "My chastity belt". Ooooooh

She rolls onto her front and asks me for a massage. I ofcouse oblige. And after I have spent some minutes maybe 10 or 15, I run my hand down and gently stroke her pyjama clad bottom. Then I massahe her bottom and stroke her back. She moved one hand down and starts touching herself.

She asks me to kneel with one knee netween her legs and push onto her. Now she has both hands rubbing herself and I hold her by the waist and lift her partially into my upper theigh. I am so desparate and she is having such a good time. At one stage I say you look so power ful in pants and short hair. She says dont use that word. (The next day, I ask her about that and she says she is still not comfortable with this whole thing and using the word powerful was distracting)

Then she says "thats enough" move to your side of the bed and watch.

She rolls onto her back and starts rubbing herself between her legs. And she says "do not touch yourself or me". Then she undoes ger bra and lets her breast fall out. She caressesit with one hand while fingering herself with the other.

She says "would I like to kiss her breast"
I say "I would love to"
she says "go on"
So I gently kiss her breast and she puts her finger in my outh and O begin to gently such on her breast then she says with your oujer hand touch my clitorous. So I push my hand gently in down the front of her PJ's. She then decides to take her pj pants off so there is a little interruption.

Now we are back at it and eventually she cums. And she is happy and I am happy (but still bursting).

She lies back and so do I and we relax.

I dare not ask. I want her to direct and this is not the time to ask because that forces her to respond.

After an age she says would you like to go inside her or wear a plastic bag. (Often in the past, I have put a plastic bag with a little baby oil over my penis so as not to make a mess in bed when we engage in mutual masterbation). I say to ger. Please you decide for me.

She says put on a plastic bad. So I do.
I start to rub against the mattress and I ask "Can I cum: and she sayd "I have not told you to cum yet".
I ask "Will I be allowed"
and she resonds... "maybe or maybe tomorrow or maybe not".
I am desparate but I do not want to plead.
I ask if I can touch her and she says yes anywhere I like.
So I am running my hands over her breasts and between her legs
A bit later she says you may cum now
And boy that took all of 5 seconds to happen.
Then I lay back and relaxed.
Then she got up and said she was going to wash her hands and I took the plastci bag off and cleaned up with an old babies nappy that is kept in the bed side table.

Then she put both the top and pants of the long pjs back on and we both fell asleap.

This morning I was so turned on again and I asked if I could put a plastic bag on and cum again and she said "no". Then We had a bit of a discussion about me being submissive and her being in control and also about her being powerful. It was nice and light but really fun.

And that is a great way to start a weekend.

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