Monday, June 27, 2011


On saturday morning, she had me "put a plastic bag on".  This means put a plastic bag with a little baby oil in it over my penis to catch any mess that I may make.  Then she had me lie on my tummy and she climbed onto my back so she could rub herself agains my bottom.

It was fun from a mental point of view as I lay there.  She was on top - symbolic.
She had told me what to do - a turn on.
She was getting turned on herself - great feeling for me there too.

She came and then asked if I had cum and I said 'no because she had not told me to cum'.
She then said that if she was cumming that I should cum and that she likes us to cum together.

We lay there side by side on our backs holding hands.  A bit later she said roll over and she got on my back and repeated the earlier effort and I came too.  Oooh great.

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  1. That does sound like fun. Thanks for sharing.