Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday night monday morning

Monday is a public holiday here.
Sunday afternoon my wife anounces that we are going to a friends house for dinner.
The kids are eating in one room and us adults (is that being presumptious) are in another.

I have had a glass of wine when my wife anounces that I would drive home so she can have a few. OK I said. No argument. Actually enjoyed just being told. :)

We drove home just the two of us. The kids stayed for a sleepover.

Went to bed early but no sex. A fun little distraction though. In the afternoon I had eaten the last of the ice cream from the freezer. There was not much in the container. Maybe 2 spoonfuls. When we got home she saw the empty container on the sink. When we were in bed she said you need a smack for eating ice cream without permission. Now she had not said I couldn't but who is going to argue this early in the relationship when she says that. Roll onto your tummy she said. Then she smacked me a couple of time over the bed clothes. I pushed them back and said you had better do better than that or all you will do is turn me on. She said "I can't do much better, I'm drunk" and smacked me a few more times on my pyjama bottoms and then rolled onto her back and said good night.

Now of course I am frustrated. Been smacked. Turned on and she has fallen asleap. But that is what being submissive is about so I did not pester her. Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, no kids, slept in till after 8am. I awoke long before her but figured I would let her sleep and not pester her.

I was rewarded. When she awoke, she rolled onto her front and asked for a shoulder massage so I started to massage her. Serving her like this is great. Puts me in a read submissive mind set. I looked at the clock and noted the time and decided that I would massage until she asked me to stop. Eventually she said now just finish of with a head massage. Which I did. Looked at the clock again. 20 minutes.

We lay there and I said to her "With no kids, we can make more noise than usual, would you consider caning me?"

We had a bit of a discussion about wasn't the whipping with the chord enough and I said the cane might be a different - deeper - feeling.

She said OK go organise a cane and so I went and got a piece of cane from the shed but it was way too long. She said to cut it with the seceters which I did. When I brought it back I thought we would cane me straight away.

She then said we will see but we are going to do me (her) first. She then rolled onto her front and asked me to start to rub the tops of her legs and then told me to move up. We ended up with me kneeling and her legs either side of one of mine with one of my hands and both of hers between her legs. I asked if I "could touch her breasts" and she said "yes" and as she said it, she came.

Then she lay there for a while and then said OK roll over.

I lay there and she went and picked up the cane and hit me a few times from both sides of the bed. Some of the strokes on my bottom and some on the top of the backs of my legs.

It was painful but not bruising. Here is hoping she will become more confident to hit harder.

Then we lay in bed for a while. I asked if I could cum and she said "you came yesterday". I said "true but it is a nice snuggly morning" she said "I thought we were trying to go progressivly longer each time." "Yessss" I said "but it would be nice to do it again before starting a longer period". She said "No I think we have started". I asked how long. She said "Well I have a big weekend next weekend so it won't be 'till after then. Maybe the week after".

Ohh I am turned on tjinking and writing about it.

Then I got up and made her breakfast.

Leter on I realised she had put on a load of washing and that it was finished so I hung it out. Also did the washing up of course.

Later she said "Thanks for hanging out that washing". I said "we aim to please" She said "That was the sexiest thing you did today"
Cripes if hanging out the washing is the sexiest thing then I sure need to hang out more washing.

She is now out shopping with the wife where we had dinner last night and the dads have the kids.

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