Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Just spent half an hour giving her a shoulder and head massage.

This is actually the second time in two days and the third time in about a week that I have given her a massage.

It is amazing that since I started to be overtly submissive and helpful and look after her that she has actually let me in in this way. If I go back even a few months, I was feeling really jealous / anoyed because I would offer to massage her and she would decline but then she would go and pay someone $60 for a massage. I would feel very useless when that happened.

So tonight we get home from playing social sport and she notices a last pot that has not been washed up and starts washing it. (Yes I know I should have done that). So I go up behind her and stroke her gently on the back. She says "remember that massage you gave me last night"
I say "yes"
She says "Can I do it again"
So I start rubbing her shoulders and kneck etc.
When she finishes cleaning the pot, she leads me into the bedroom where she sits on a pillow on the floor beside the bed. I sit on the bed with my legs either side of her and continue to massage for about half an hour. I felt so good and she made very encouraging comments a few times.

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