Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bad and good

So anoyed with myself.
Last night she was busy doing something and I got jealous for attention.
Then she asked me my opinion on whether we should give our child this or that for their birthday. I gave my opinion and then I find she has disregarded it. At the time that anoyed me.

Then in the calm light of day I am thinking how unreasonable I am. Even if not in a submissive relationship, I should not get anoyed when someone does not accept my opinion. I was asked, I gave my opinion they decided different. So what.

So I was anoyed with myself.

Thankfully she does not hold grudges and this morning another instance of great sex.
I was desparate to cum. Los of pressure it seemed.
There was some nice tease where she denied my request to put a plastic bag on and rub myself.
Then she said she was debating whether to take her pants off.
All added to the sexual tension.
Then she said put some lube on and she took her pants off.
I put the lube on and came in very very gently on top. Supporting my weight and pushing in gently.
We ended up with her on top.
She asked if I was close to cuming. I said I had been holding off waiting for permission. She likes us to cum together. Anyway she ended up cuming before I got it together. She then offerred to roll over so I could be on top.

I said "I would like to stay with her on top because I would like to get used to cuming with her on top"
Then I came and it was good. Aaaaaah.



  1. Submissive Husband You really need to work on your attitude to your MISTRESS. I am really looking forward to the day she decides you need a proper punishment and you end up with 30 or 40 lashes across your arse and back of thighs. Even this many with an electrical cord will hurt like hell een if you are used to it and you are not.

    Happy punishments

    Panty Slave

  2. Hi Panty Slave,

    I absolutly agree.
    I am trying to change my attitude. Inside I want to change but it takes time. Whipping helps but I still have to be always calm and looking toward supporting her rather than getting wound up when I do not get my own way.
    I agree it needs to 'hurt like hell'
    That is what I want and need and want to fear if that makes sence in any weird way.

  3. BTW Panty Slave, I would love to be invited to read