Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What mistakes do submissive men routinely make?
The typical man approaching me has erotic fantasies that involve a woman doing things to him that turn him on. Too much porn has given him a sense of being entitled to my attention and time, and little understanding of what my power entails. His focus is quite transparently on himself, and when he says he wants to serve me, he means that he will do this or that thing that turns him on. He will typically give that away almost immediately with statements like, "What will you do to me?" or "Do you want to fuck my tight virgin ass?" The answers to those questions are "nothing" and "no," respectively. Pink says it best: I'm not here for your entertainment.

I wish that more men would visit professional Dommes when they begin to explore their submissive fantasies. A good pro-Domme can scratch the itch he's feeling, but also teach him, if he has an aptitude, that scratching his itch isn't the point. A great Domme will teach him what service and submission really mean.

Maybe I need to learn from someone.

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