Friday, June 10, 2011

no comments

900 people read this blog yesterday and not one comment.
What am I doing I wonder that means people do not comment.


  1. Well, you do seem to complain continually, "I want this from my wife but she doesn't really want to" for most of your posts.

  2. It's not that. I admit the actual spanking was interesting. My advice would be topical posts about your relationship -the good parts as well as bad- or maybe something about how you feel you got into this in the first place. Yes, spankings often get comments, but you have to have readers in the first place.


  3. Sorry I complain.
    I guess I am perhaps a bit hot headed and I use this blog as a way of blowing off steam so that I do not blow it off at her which she sure does not deserve. No one does.

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. submanhub,
    No, of course you don't "blow it off at her"; that would defeat the purpose. But an intimate relationship - and there is no relationship more intimate than D/s in a loving marriage - requires trust and communication. Don't tell us what you're missing, tell her.

  5. A different anonymous person:
    I think your writing is a little bit sad, maybe pathetic, even. It seems you are more interested in complaining about your wife than about improving your relationship. She does something that you ask for (the whipping), she clearly does not enjoy doing it, and then you complain sarcastically about her falling asleep or not reading your blog. I can only wonder what she thinks about you if she read your latest post complaining about her.

    I agree with the other person who commented. Talk to your wife rather than bitch and moan about her out here.

  6. Take a cue from the great Howard Stern (no K). Say whats on your mind and be as controversial as possible.

  7. Hi and thanks to the "anonomous" posters for your insightful comments.

    I agree that I have to support her decisions.

    The comment about my writing being a little sad seems to be a common theme and I will try to be more positive. "pathetic" was a little hard to take.

    However I do wish to continue to say whats on my mind (thanks cef-em).