Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wonder why I crave this.

I crave being whipped. When it is happening, I would not describe it as enjoyable or titilating. I do not get turned on or get an erection when I am being whipped. yet I crave it. And I want it to be severe. I would love to see bruises that last a week. Pain that is unbearable. But then it is over. Not looking for continuing constant pain. Not looking for emotional pain either. Just physical.

When I do wrong, whatever wrong is...
Losing my temper, losing keys, forgetting to do something, swearing.... the list goes on.
Then I wish my wife would whip me.

Now its not a case of abuse. She is not beating me into submission. I voluntarilly want this.
Why I wonder as I engage in yet more self evaluation.

I lead people at work.
I can organise, I am a professional.

Yet at home I seek to submit to my wife.
and I seek physical punishment.

I typed into google "why do I want to be spanked"
and almost all the hits involved men spanking women
yet when I go looking for blogs, they are almost all women leading and sometimes spanking men.


  1. I know... same here.
    So true.

  2. I would like more spanking in our sex play too. I was initially resistant to it because I thought it might be weird considering we have children that we (rarely, now never) spanked. It's not weird at all to me. I have not had a sound thrashing but she will occassionally indulge me and spank or use a riding crop. We engage in cock and ball torture far more often.

    Why do I like it? I think most of my femdom/submissive fantasies revolve around a desire to relinquish control. I also am a manager and "in charge" at work. I am quite ambitious and desire to move up the chain and manage larger and larger groups. It is "relaxing" to let go of that control and submit to my wife. and sexually exciting too. Also, more to the femdom side, confident "in charge" women are very sexy. It is beyond hot when my wife aggressively indulges in her own sexual pleasure.