Friday, June 3, 2011

Fun day

Well today has been a kinda fun day.

Let me ramble. Not in chronalogical order. Just as I think of it.

As I am about to leave my wife tells me the schedule for the weekend. Now some of it is same old same old and is locked in. Kids sport, a birthday party and church but she then says that saturday afternoon we are all going for a picnic and a walk in the forest. Tells me. Doesn't ask. Just tells me.

During the day at work she send me a text which reads
"Thought you'd like to
know I'm having waxing
done at 12:30pm...x"
And I respond "Ooooooo aaaaah mmmmmm"
And spend the rest of the day dreaming.

Came home early. Soon after the phone rang and it was a charity that apparantly we had helped in a previous year and been fund raising door knockers for them and they were recruiting for this year. I had some fun being very overtly submissive by saying to the lady, I said "I can not commit to doing this as I have to ask my wife" and when she persisted I said "I am not allowed to make these decisions I have to refer this to my wife and she will make the decision". I got their phone number and promised to call them back.

Soon after my wife came home and I explained about the charity and she said "not this year" as we are already doing some other charity work. So I rang them back and said "My wife says that we are not available this year". So nice to pass the decision making buck and such fun to be able to be overt about it.

Soon after she came home, Sse said she was going to go hang out the washing so I went and helped her. Then she did some sweeping so I grabbed the dustpan and brush and followed her around and brushed up the little piles of dirt. I thought about offering to just do it but figured she would like me helping and she hasn't asked me to do it.

At one stage we had a conversation about sex and she commented that our sex life was pretty much non existant. I said well intercourse yes but there has been quite a bit of sexual activity. May have to discuss this some more.

She now out and I am babysitting our kids plus three others from the people she is out with. Ah so domestic.

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