Friday, June 3, 2011

Clean slate

Last night she read the letter I posted here (not here, this blog is my ownly secret from her).

Then she got the electrical flex we use for her to whip me out of the draw in the bed side table. I had a look at how she was holding it. Doubled over and wrapped around her hand several times so that the piece she was hitting me with was quite short. I asked her to un wrap it so it was longer. Then I took it from her and said hit me like you would to get dust out of a blanket and then I hit the bed really really hard. I said hit me like that. Make it really hurt please. She was noticably shocked. Luckilly not too shocked. I gave her back the flex.

I lay face down and she whipped me a few times. I then asked her to make some of the strokes land on the upper part of my legs too. I lay face down again and she continued. I was wearing my shiny red boxers. Not bare because I think she would find that too confronting and stop if she saw any marks. Anyway she was hitting harder than she had done previously.

Then she went round the other side of the bed and did some more. It was very painful. Then she came round the first side of the bed and without warning layed one stroke down really really hard. It was sooo painful. Then she put the whip away.

When she got into bed, I cuddled her and thanked her. I said that last stroke was really good. I was caught between nit wanting to imply that the other strokes were too light but at the same time, I wish to give her feed back to build her confidence in disciplining me.

Mind you prior to all this, I had mentioned to her this moning that I would like her to whip me to get me used to my daughter wearing pants and then when I got home from work, I had asked her to after the kids went to bed, to read the letter and then whip me and yet still she had just done her own thing and totally forgotton about it until she got into bed and I asked if she was going to discipline me. Then she got up and went and read it.

I take that as meaning she is willing to look after my needs but at the same time is naturally focussed on herself.

I hope that the two can come together in the future where she can demand of me and that way she gets what she wants / needs and so do I. In that being comanded to do something for her is rewarding for me.

Anyway, then I said to her well now I guess you will be buying pants for our daughter and she said yes expect her to be wearing them more often now.

Then she put her hand on my penis and teased me. Which was nice. I asked if I could cum and she hesitated for ages. I regretted asking. I said to her, "if you are not sure just say 'no'". So she said 'no'. I felt like I had pressurised her by asking. I will try harder not to ask. When things settle down though, I will ask her if asking is frustrating for her and if it is then I will suggest that she consider telling me not to ask and to whip me if I do ask. But that I think will have to wait at least a few weeks. I think she is still mentally processing the being in charge overtly and my being submissive and especially the whipping thing.

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  1. Congrats... sounds like an exciting night for you all!! And someone will be getting new pants!! :)