Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tie Down

I would like to be tied face down on the bed and whipped.
Thursday lunch time would be nice.
The thoughts now range from excited, to aprehensive.
I am sure that while it is happening, I will be struggling against the pain and possibly wondering why I ever wanted this.
After I will fell refreshed and it will not be long before the pain goes away.

When you do it and I hope you do,
Please hit as hard as you possibly can.
Make the chord whistle as it comes down.
Mostly on my bottom and the tops of the backs of my legs.
I would like it to be so intense
So lost in the pain
If I cry out or cry or anythng, please do not stop.
Please do not ask me questions like "have you had enough". If there is any doubt give me 10 more.
How many. I hold my breath and say 100.
The number is not important to me.
Being out of my control is.

No sense in this at all.
But intimacy and love and trust at its most intense.

Or am I just mad?

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