Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The web seems to be full of guys wanting to submit to their wives.
I want to submit to my wife.
For some reason, the women just are not interested.
It seems to me that they are
not interested in sex,
not interested in men submitting,
not interested in being in control,
at the same time, they are in control.
They just don't admit it.

I just don't get it.
Maybe that is the way women want it?


  1. I commented about a week ago on your Introduction post, and since then I've been reading through all your posts and their comments in every free minute I have. I appreciate your blog more than you might imagine. You see, I am a woman who is interested in sex, interested in my husband submitting, interested in being in control, and who is, now that you've mentioned it in this post, more in control than I ever realized. However, I know my husband has felt just like you through most of our 4 year marriage. Is it lack of communication? Is it poor leadership skills? I don't know, but right now all I want to do is have this kind of open conversation with him. He's never been open about his desires, however, so I've been simply changing my behavior, and watching him respond favorably. He doesn't always respond favorably, though, and I am frustrated tonight!
    All my best, a nashville wife

  2. Hi Anonymous Nashville wife,
    Firstly your husband does no know how lucky he is going to be.

    It excites me that you have recognised your control and that you are wishing to transform that into overt leadership and maybe domination.

    My first thought is start and practice in the bedroom. Guys like sex so start with tease and denial. Don't let him cum but give him lots of tease. That establishes you in control but it is sexual so he will enjoy it.

    The popular idea is that guys do not talk about their feelings. There is a really good reason for that. Women have very long memories and us guys fear saying something because we know one say it will be brought up against us.

    I would love to hear more. Write back or start a blog of your own. Perhaps he could be encouraged to write his feelings too.

    Good luck and thanks.