Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wed morning u turn

I woke up very early - 4am and could not get back to sleep so I figured I would go into work. Usually I drive my eldest to school but I was told that there were no early starts for the next two weeks. Anyway I had to come back into the bed room to get my shoes and she asked in a sleepy voice what was I doing and I said 'sorry to wake you and that I was just getting my shoes and going into work'

She asked 'what about driving oldest child in'.
I said, I thought you told me that there were no early starts for two weeks.

She said sorry only no early starts on Mondays.

Now normally I would have gotten really angry about the drip feeding of information but I took a deep breath and said 'oh. ok'.

So in the dark, I stripped off to my undies. Now also I had put on an adult diaper. So I was wearing the diaper and undies and then I got a tee shirt and put it on and hopped back into bed.

Now she knows that I wear adult diapers when I may need to go for a long period without going to the toilet like at the footie or concerts or presentations at work because I find that I get very little warning of needing to go and I hate having my enjoyment disturbed by focussing on hilding it. Anyway, she is not excited by this but puts up with it.

Anyway, I think she took pity on me and felt me up in the nappy which turned me on.

I asked if she had thought about when I would be allowed to cum. She did not answer.

I wonder if asking pressurises her or if she is teasing me.

I think I will add a personal goal of not asking for sex. Maybe I already have that as a personal goal. I think it is time to revist the list of personal goals and also to make sure I do one thing every day just for her.


  1. this is a very sexy little story... :) Love the diaper and her fondling you in them (geez, wonder if I could pull that off with My Wife?)..

    Love your letter to Her, btw, too, in next post!
    Thanks! :) Z

  2. Thanks.

    It seems as I have become overtly submissive, she has become more willing to be sensitive to me