Monday, June 20, 2011

Mariage Vows

Our mariage aniversery is coming up and I was wondering whether I should suggest that we have a little private cerimony complete with a statement or something that we read out to each other crystalising our new roles. A sort of mariage re alignment statement.

What should it say I wonder.
Like maybe I should say the old traditional vows that a wife would once have said
"I will love, honour and obey ..."

I wonder if others have done this and what they have said.


  1. A renewal of wedding vows with a reference to D/s is a nice idea, but only if it is something both partners really want.
    You could make a general suggestion, but I would recommend that you avoid pushing her into anything. No topping from the bottom. If she does it to do you a favour, it isn't worth anything.
    So you might ask her, if she would like to renew the vows, and if so, if she would like to have a different text this time. Ask her what she would like to say and to hear from you. - And if she doesn't come up with anything relating to FLR roles, then I think you should leave it at that.

  2. It did not go down well.
    I wish I had read your comment befor I raised it with her.