Sunday, June 19, 2011


Someone left a comment asking if I had considered getting my wife to meet or be friends with a dominant.

This stimulated the imagination and I wondered what it would be like if she went to a dom and the dom decided to teach her how to whip me.

I am imagining we arrive and the dom says ok to do this we need to tie him down so we can focus on the learning. So I am stripped (of course - written by a guy) and tied face down.

Then the dom says to my wife "show me how you whip him" and she whips me a few times and it hurts a bit.

Then the dom says, "I think we need to toughen that up a bit"
wife: "I am afraid of hurting him"
dom: "Perhaps think about the difference between making him experience pain and damaging him"
wife: "yes"
dom: "let me show you that you can be much harder without any risk of damage"
she takes the whip and lays one really hard on me and I scream
wife: "I cant do that"
dom: "give it time. Move up to that gradually"
dom speaking to me: "Now did that damage you or just hurt"
me: "just hurt but I assume no lasting damage"
dom gives whip to wife and she hits again slightly harder hit but because of the previous hots is quite painful and I wince.
dom: "thats good. Try again harder this time"

Sounds like a male fantasy ...
.... and it is.

Feel free to suggest better and more realistic dialogue.

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