Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sex on a Sunday morning

Both of us have colds right now so it came as a nice suprise when we were cuddling in bed this morning and she said "take your pants off".

She hopped on top and began to push herself on. Of course I was very turned on. I offerred to put some lube on but she said "lets see how we go"

Anyway on she got and she was moving and turned on and asked me to put a finger between us on her cliterous and then she came and then relaxed on top of me. A few minutes later she started to move and again it was not long before she came a second time and that gave me great satisfaction.

Then she started to cum again and I could feel it was quite wet down there and she asked if i had come and I said "no you have not given me permission" so I am assuming the juices came from her which is a new thing for us. She moved a lot and asked me to thrust up which was a great turn on and the movement put me in danger of cumming. Then she hopped off and lay on her back and said hop on and cum.

I said "Are you sure" and she said "yes I want you to cum" So both because I do not want to argue with her (Shouldn't have questioned her in the first place) and because I was turned on, I was in like flynn and came really quick and then we both laid there and relaxed for a while.

Then it was up for the day. Shower. I made breakfast. The kids mostly dressed themselves and now its off to Church.

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